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I pushed it down heedlessly, told my dad's I was going to Dave's jam for homework, and drove my bike over to his palace.
I parked against the fence of his garden. Dave had a expansive shed in the befriend that was all his. His parents never minded what he did in there. It had always been kind of our clubhouse, many of the 1 on 1 sessions from when we were junior had taken draw there. It had a stereo site, an elderly tv with a vcr, some board games, and Dave kept his cherish hidden away under a liberate board in the floor, a rumpled elderly pornography magazine, bashed and broken.
Made feel that he told me to reach here. We hadn't needed a clubhouse for several years - we perceived we had outgrown the need for one - but I guess the privacy it archaic to suggest would tranquil conform us well.
I concept about knocking, but precise opened the door and went in. It was Dark inwards, but there was enough light for me to study Dave sitting on a improvised couch that hadn't been there last time I was here.
"So now what?" he said when I had closed the door late me.
"I don't know. You advise me." I perceived distinct and in manage of the space.
"Are you a faggot?" He hesitated a tenth of a 2nd at the H-word.
"Are you?" I had no scheme of providing up my lead.
He looked at his mitts, and then at me.
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